Titan X-1 Digital LCD Display Air Fryer with Rapid Air Fry Technology, Ultimate Healthy Multifunctional Cooker to Fry, Bake, Grill and Roast

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FAST: Using Rapid Air Circulation Technology, the Zelancio LCD Display Air Fryer circulates hot air with speed and precision leaving your food with that great fried taste you love, without the use of oil.

SIMPLE: Our LCD display oil less air fryer has adjustable temperature control from 175°F - 400°F allowing you to brown, fry, crisp, broil, or bake your food in 30 minutes or less. Timer and automatic shut off alert you when cooking is done.

CONVENIENT: Cook meals for the whole family with 2.5L cooking capacity. All parts and accessories are dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up.

VERSATILE: You can cook it all! Impress your family and serve them whatever they are in the mood for. Chicken, vegetables, fish, fries, and more; this air fryer cooks it all!

HEALTHY: Air frying is a healthy alternative to traditional methods that uses no oil, leaving your food healthy and just as delicious.

Imagine if there was an alternative to cooking your favorite fried foods that left them tasting just as tasty, but without the extra fat and grease. Well there is! The Zelancio LCD Display Air Fryer is the answer! It has the ability to give your favorite fried foods that delicious fried taste you love, without any of the harmful, diet ruining, disadvantages of actually frying your food. Foods and cooking methods that were previously off limits due to health concerns can be enjoyed guilt free with the Zelancio Air Fryer healthy deep fryer.

How Does It Work?

The Air Fryer has a revolutionary fan technology that virtually eliminates unnecessary fats and oils. Using Rapid Air Technology, the Zelancio Air Fryer circulates hot air with speed and precision for perfect frying results every time using less oil. While ensuring that your food is cooked throughout, evenly, and all sides by distributing the heat thoroughly.

During the cooking process, oil drips into the basket below. The food then Air Fries by lifting the excess oil and coating the food while it is airborne. This results in delicious foods that have a fried texture while eliminating the uses of oil and fat.

Is The Air Fryer Safe?

A common concern is safety. The Air Fryer, however, has several safety features to combat such issues. For example, the air fryer turns off automatically once the food timer has reached 30 minutes worth of use, leaving your food cooked to perfection. This helps avoid the worry of leaving the fryer on for multiple hours and risking a fire hazard.

Does It Take Up Too Much Space?

The air fryer is small enough to fit on your kitchen counter as a toaster or a blender would, without interfering with your daily kitchen routine.

The Air Fryer has easy to clean parts that can be simply wiped down or put into the dishwasher without ruining it.

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